If you must Facebook!

If you find yourself having difficulty in comprehending the title of this piece, be rest assured you did not belongs to the Millennial generation. If you are still struggling to come to term with it, I can still label you as the cohort group of those who believed, think and thank President Jonathan for ‘bringing Facebook to Nigeria’.

By ‘if you must Facebook’, I mean if you insist that you are on Facebook because it is connecting you with family, friends and acquaintances, or you consider it as a platform for enhancing your communications skills and digital sophistication. While I subscribed to your argument, I also share a belief that if taken for granted, Facebook and its likes have the tendency of making someone develop a pathological and maladaptive psychological addictive behaviour.

It is against this background, I intend to strike a balance between the two extremes of ‘excessive indulgence’ and ‘total rejection’.  Therefore, my intervention will centre on how to leverage Facebook to enhance your career aspiration, communication skills (written and verbal) and entrepreneurial acumen. The write-up will also give you an insight on how and where to ‘discover yourself’ and be on top of technology in the era of aggressive marketing by technology giants.

Communication skills

Smart ‘Facebooking’ entails identifying potential pages for continuous personal development. Few of these pages include those that will enhance someone’s communication skills both written and verbal. Outstanding among these are American English at State, BBC Learn English and Learn English Grammar with Rana Zain. These pages have unique approaches such as the use of infographic in order to make learning enjoyable and succinct.

Paradigm Shifters

Another page worth ‘liking’ is TED for its insightful resources. The Facebook page post events, news and tips as well as links that will ‘stir your curiosity’. Contents from the page are directly from the popular TED Talk that centred on technology, education and entertainment. The page, when followed, has the tendency of changing your paradigm on a lot of issues around the world based on the expert presentations.

Developing entrepreneurial mindset

Facebook pages of ‘Entrepreneur’, ‘Business Insider’, and ‘Harvard Business Review’ are few pages that I regard as ‘a must like’ pages on Facebook. Anyone seeking to be independent or interested in delving into the business will indeed find these pages helpful. ‘Liking’ the pages will afford someone to learn tips, understand tools, get industry insider information and have insights into deep financial, media, technology and other industry verticals.

Technology & DIY

To safeguard and liberate yourself from ‘Oga at the top’ viral mortification and IT ‘expert’ intervention, one needs to like pages like MakeUseOf, LifeHacker and HowStuffWorks on Facebook. These pages will enable it follower to learn tips and tricks about websites, software, internet and technology in general through its easy-to-understand answers and explanations of the world by their ‘know-it-all writers’.

Career Enhancers

Other relevant pages that are of high value for anyone wishing to enhance his/her career are: Youth Opportunities and Scholarship Nigeria. Youth Opportunities believes “opportunities should not be kept hidden. It needs to spread among the millions because knowledge increases when shared”. While Scholarship Nigeria’s motto is to “empower young Nigerians by providing prompt information on available Undergraduate and Postgraduate SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES (Home & Abroad)”.

In conclusion, my take is to encourage useful and purposeful Facebooking where a user will strike a balance between leisure and personal development.

About Najeebullah

Blogger, IT Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Academics and Public Affairs Commentator
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