Sometimes it baffles me on when shall social media users understand the boundary on what is supposed to be in the public domain and what is supposed to be under lock and key.

People ought to know sharing stuff on social media platforms need to conform to the norms and values of the society. Social media users need to weigh the implication of ‘over sharing’ to see on whether it is legal, ethical, or a moral to share stuff online. Apart from the issue of intellectual property right, other angles of what is supposed to be in the public domain or against public interest need to be looked into.

I became flabbergasted when I spotted the official communication of President Goodluck Jonathan to the Senate President David Mark on Facebook some few minutes after the mail was acknowledged from the office of the Senate President.

Some few days back, another letter written by former President Olusegun Obasanjo was also leaked to the press. On that letter, Obasanjos’ email, telephone number and address could be visibly spotted by anyone that sighted the letter online.

Regardless of what people might think on the content of the letter, one day someone will leak a secret that doesn’t require to be in the public domain.

From all indication, that letter was scanned and shared by someone closed to the senate President or a ‘distinguished senator’ who happens to be a close friend of some media outfits.

My concern should not be misconstrued, I sincerely believe in a right for dissent, right for self-expression and in fact right for whistle blowing, but I do not subscribe in divulging government communication.  

We are seeing this as a non-issue simply because people are tired of President’s style of leadership, but my concern is for the institution not the personality.

And for those who are fond of oversharing stuff online, Eric Schmidt has this to say ““People will one day change their name and reinvent themselves in order to escape their digital past.”



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  1. Yusuf says:

    Da kyau Yanajeeb!

  2. umarzai8 says:

    Social media is very wide area among the numerical of global world.

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